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Kongsberg Mesotech

Kongsberg Mesotech Ltd. is a global leader in the underwater acoustic industry with over 40 years of innovative product development and manufacturing experience. Characterized by exceptional engineering capabilities, the Company focuses on providing customers with superior image resolution by producing quality and reliable equipment. Kongsberg Mesotech supplies a worldwide customer base with products for search and recovery, marine engineering, security and surveillance, fisheries and various other underwater applications. There is an extensive support network including training, product support and assistance with application and data interpretation.

Kongsberg Mesotech is the Canadian subsidiary of Kongsberg Maritime, a leader in the merchant marine and subsea industries. Kongsberg Maritime is a division of Kongsberg Gruppen (Group), an international corporation headquartered in Norway.

A History of Success

Originally formed in 1973, Kongsberg Mesotech's major breakthrough came in 1982 with the development of the Mesotech 971 Scanning Sonar. This high resolution scanning sonar was quickly accepted by military and offshore oilfield market users and soon became the standard for all remote operated vehicle (ROV) operations. In 1984 the Company was awarded the "Special Meritorious Award for Engineering Innovation" for the 971 Sonar by Petroleum Engineering International and Pipeline & Gas Journal magazines.

Further advancements saw the introduction in 1997 of the SM 2000 Multi-beam Sonar and the FS 925 Forward Scanning Trawl Sonar. In 1999, the computer-based MS 1000 Processing Software, 1071 Series Single-beam sonar and 1007 Altimeter systems were added to the suite of Kongsberg Mesotech equipment. Each of these products became industry-leaders and an indication of the Company’s commitment to acoustic excellence.

Kongsberg Mesotech continues to make technological advances and expanding its product lines through research and development. The Company remains competitive and keeps pace with the ever-increasing spectrum of markets by focusing on customer satisfaction and pride of product.

As a member of the Kongsberg Group, the Company has increased its international market exposure while maintaining the flexibility of a smaller organization. With the combination of quality products and superior customer service standards, Kongsberg Mesotech is a globally recognized industry leader.


  • Single-beam Scanning Sonar
  • Multibeam Sonar
  • Altimeters
  • MS 1000 Sonar processing software


  • Search and Recovery
  • Marine Engineering & Site Inspection
  • Pier Inspection and Berth Clearance
  • Underwater Vehicle Instrumentation
  • Fisheries - on the Simrad web


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