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Artikelnummer: C33A
Editions datum: 2019-07-01
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C33A Channel Islands (North)
Scale: 1:120,000 WGS 84
Corrected to July 2018


Plans included:

•Alderney Harbour
•Beaucette Marina
•St Sampson Hbr
•St Peter Port
•Creux Harbour Approaches
•Herm Harbour & Rosière Anchorage
•Bays of Sark
•Little Russel

2016 EDITION - Fully updated, plus the chart has been reschemed. New plans of Herm Harbour & Rosière Anchorage and Bays of Sark replace Goury and Portbail. The Diélette plan has been redrawn to show approaches at a more suitable scale, plus the Omonville plan has been repositioned for a better WGS 84 fit. Throughout the main chart and inset plans, positional accuracy has been checked and improved where necessary.

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