Deck Log Books

Large or small vessel, Swedish, Danish or Norwegian. In our range you will find Deck Log Books regardless of size and flag state!

In the deck log book information regarding the vessel's movement such as position, course, distance covered etc. as well as the current weather is filled in. For Swedish commercial vessels below 20- and fishing vessels below 80 gross tonnes the "kladd to Skeppsdagbok" is enough to have on board. For others, the complete Deck Log Book belonging to the respective flag states is mandatory. Vessels with Swedish flag should have the X001E, vessels with Norwegian flag the X542 and those with Danish flag should have the X071, all of them are in both the local language as well as english. If you need further guidance or are looking for a deck log book that isn't available in the list below you are very welcome to contact our expert.

Helen Wahlstedt
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