GPS compass

No more worrying about deviation and declination with a GPS-Compass from Koden!
In addition to not having to worry about the problems of traditional magnetic compasses, GPS compass also provides endless opportunities for integration with other systems on the onboard. Integration with your echo sounder, for example, gives you the possibility to correct for heave creating a straight and clear picture of the bottom. GPS-compasses from Koden gives good value for money, for commercial- as well as leisure applications.

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Koden Product Catalogue
3 Products Unitprice with VAT
Product Number KO-KGC-222 Out of stock
20 037,50
Unitprice with VAT
Product Number TH-0055-110-000 Out of stock
18 375,00
Unitprice with VAT
Product Number TL-CFQ7248-30 Out of stock
1 062,50
Unitprice with VAT

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