Be safe at Sea with a Personal Locator Beacon!
PLB's are available in two different versions, Satelite-based and AIS-based. The former transmits the distress signal over the satelite network whereas the AIS-based transmits over the VHF-band. From the satelite-based PLB the distress signal is sent directly to the local Search-And-Rescue Coordination Centre, which implies that the authorities can initiate a full-scale rescue operation at once. The AIS-based PLB instead transmits its signal over the VHF-band and the person in distress is shown as a MOB-symbol on the surrounding vessel's AIS's (within AIS-range). The latter is preferable during a MOB-situation while the satellite-based is preferable when a bigger rescue operation is necessary. For further information, you're welcome to contact one of our experts.

Johan Traung (Sales)
Tommy Lagerberg (Installation & Service)
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