Black box

The MDC-5000 series comes as a Black-Box solution with 1024 * 768 pixels. Additional monitor can be connected. 50 ARPA targets and displaying up to 500 AIS targets by default. Brand new echo building with correlation scan that eliminates sea clothes. Sand SPOR function with true GLUE function C-MAP MAX chart as background.

The MDC-7000 Series Code is a brand new and up-to-date Black Box radar series.

IMO approved (P) models come with WheelMark approval radar with 19 "screen like CAT2 for use on vessels up to 10,000 GT, either with 12 or 25kW radar antenna and with 23" screen like CAT1 for vessels over 10,000 GT with the same antenna choice. WheelMark, of course, includes Performance Monitor.
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